"The Muppets Christmas Carol" Should Be A Broadway Show

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I recently had a great conversation with a friend who asked if I could really picture The Muppets Christmas Carol as a live Broadway musical?

Yes, of course. Take my money right now.

For those of you who haven't seen it yet, and there shouldn't be many, The Muppet Christmas Carol is one of the stronger Muppet movies, in not only design and scale but also musical score.  It's not only become a holiday tradition in my house, but I'm sure many others as well.

Written by "Rainbow Connection" composer, Paul Williams, The Muppets Christmas Carol features a number of fantastic tunes that could be easily adaptable for the stage. 

Now the obvious question is, how in the world could they stage something like this? 

Well, when it comes to the effects and spectacle needed for A Christmas Carol theatrical production to come to life, we've seen that succeed before with the fantastic production that performed in the Theatre at Madison Square Garden for a number of years. 

And when it comes to whether Muppets can be done in live theatre, we've seen that work as well with Avenue Q. Blending the two together, along with the artistry of the best Broadway designers today, could work quite nicely. 

I'm not the first to think this either. Back in 2013, Disney put together a test production with Peter & the Starcatcher director Alex Timbers at the New Amsterdam Theatre. The private but elaborate presentation included sets, musical numbers and more than 85 Muppets. 

So clearly, I'm not the only one with The Muppets Christmas Carol on the brain. 

I do think it might be an interesting and lucrative idea to do some sort of limited engagement with this. With the new movies and TV show and no sign of Disney developing with these characters anytime soon, why not bring these beloved characters to NY? 

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