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Yet again, another week where there is so much to get to in the world of this franchise, that the recap portion of what we saw last night basically takes a back seat to everything else. I’m pretty sure I’m like most people at this point who are just wanting to fast forward through the end of the season, since we all know what’s happening off the screen has completely overshadowed what’s happening on screen. Sucks because there are some really great girls left, yet, everything is overshadowed by what’s happening behind the scenes. Breaking news last night, which I’ll get to first. In addition, some things to discuss upcoming this week, both on social media and within this show. I think Arie’s season was the last time we really felt this way since what happens at the final rose ceremony is irrelevant to what’s happening now. Since we knew in the finale Aire had picked Becca, but by the time the finale rolled around, we all knew he had dumped her and was with … Continue reading →

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