Guillmero Del Toro would be the perfect choice to direct movie adaptation of 'Jekyll and Hyde'

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Suppose you ask most musical theatre fans which musicals they want to be adapted to the big screen; the mains answer given would be Wicked, Suessical, or Next To Normal. In addition to those previously mentioned ones, I would include one more: Jekyll and Hyde: The Musical.

Like the previously mentioned musicals, Jekyll and Hyde: The Musical has been in development hell nearly since it premiered on the Broadway Stage. Several names have been attached to the project, only for them to disappear in a cloud of smoke later. Tim Burton was said to be involved in directing the project. Like Johnny Depp and Helen Bonham Carter, his usual crew of actors was also rumored to attach to the project. Heck, Dustin Hasselhoff, the star of the original pro shot, wanted to be involved in the movie. The last update that anyone has received of a film was 2019, with the script being complete but no casting, director, or filming date. Hopefully, this will soon change.

While casting could be its separate article, I want to focus on who should helm the project. It has to be someone with some directing experience, whether that be stage or screen. Tim Burton is out due to his recent projects' failure and recent comments regarding people of color. Jordan Peele is out due to the filming of his current movie with Keke Palmer and Steven Yeun. The same with Jennifer Kent. For me, that leaves only one person left: Guillermo del Toro.

When you think of horror directors in the modern area, there are a few that I would trust with handling this project. The first name that springs to mind for me is Guillermo del Toro. Across his career, he has directed or produced several different projects that cross various genres. I will admit that the only downside is that he hasn't been involved in a musical theatre project before. However, I think he should be given a chance and has done several projects that prove he is up for the task.

For example, I would submit into evidence Crimson Peak. The film is similar in terms of relation to Jekyll and Hyde. Both have protagonists that devel into the world of mystery and murder. Both have women who people in power nearly destroy. Finally, the only thing missing from Crimson Peak was the songs. While this film was not his most substantial work, the cinematography in Crimson Peak was one of the film's best parts. Just imagine him shooting the confirmation scene in collaboration with his usual partner cinematographer Dan Laustsen. This duo would single out the sublet shifts between Jekyll and Hyde and the different sides of the London streets. It would be fantastic.

I also believe that he appears to be a team player with his actors and actress, and the crew. In addition to the previously mentioned Dan Laustsen, several actors and actresses repeatedly come back to do projects with him. I like to believe that he would listen to his actors and actresses who might have more experience with musicals than he did.

Another point in favor is his resume itself. While he does cross many genres, his main style is suspense or horror. In addition, as mentioned Crimson Peak, you have movies under his direction like Hellboy movies, Pan's Labyrinth, and The Devil's Backbone. All of these films Also, let's be honest, the director has to consider the humor and camp involved with the story. (Looking at you, newest Witches movie that he co-wrote). Finally, all of his works have big ensemble casts. This movie would potentially be Guillermo del Toro's best yet with these three combinations.

Finally, he thrives on pieces where there is a clear-cut protagonist and villain. These films include but are not limited to Shape of Water, Pan's Labyrinth, and Blade II. Jekyll and Hyde: The Musical, at its core, is an examination of the human soul and what separates good vs. evil. Whoever ends up directing this project must remember this; otherwise, the film will be disappointing and a failure. Guillermo del Toro will remember this and make sure that it is one of the essential parts of the film.

Inclusion, while he has never directed a musical before, a gothic musical based on one of the most adapted stories of all time would be right up his alley, mainly if he works with his usual crew of collaborators and mix of new faces. So, why not give him a shot at one of the best horror musicals of all time?

Leave a comment in the comment section if you agree or disagree with this pick. Thanks for reading, and have a good day.

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