The Hoff rolls up his sleeves to boost German vaccination campaign

Germany has a new ally in its coronavirus fight: David Hasselhoff.

The country’s federal health ministry recruited the “Baywatch” star to help boost Germany’s vaccination campaign, under the slogan “Ärmel hoch,” or “sleeves up.”

In two videos posted on social media on Monday, Hasselhoff, who has maintained a cult following in Germany since performing the song “Looking For Freedom” on a crane above the Berlin Wall on New Year’s Eve 1989, flexes his biceps and poses in front of what appears to be his house.

In one clip he declares: “I, David Hasselhoff, am supposedly a hero because of Baywatch and Knight Rider and the Berlin Wall. But I found freedom in vaccination. You can too.”

In the other, he says: “What I’m looking for is to get life back to normal, is the freedom, the freedom to get vaccinated to go around the world.” In a more somber note, he adds, “The most important experience of the pandemic for me is death. It causes death. Get vaccinated.”

The Hoff joined local celebrities in the German health ministry’s celebrated pro-jab campaign.

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