E3 2021: all the news from Microsoft and Bethesda’s Xbox showcase

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From Halo Infinite to the long anticipated role-playing adventure Starfield, Microsoft is promising a big show for this year’s digital only E3 conference

Virtual E3 is all a bit weird and disappointing but there were some great-looking games in Microsoft and Bethesda’s line-up. Here’s all the news, for those just joining us:

It’s something new from Arkane, makers of Dishonored and Prey. It’s an Xbox exclusive, an open-world shooter that you can apparently play alone or with friends. We’re seeing Heroes-esque young things with telekinetic powers, perusing a destroyed storefront. Then we see what happened: a supernatural firefight against VAMPIRES, assisted by locals who apparently worship them. They have a glowing purple Tardis and a robot dog? I’m into this. It’s called Redfall and it’s out summer next year.

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