Commission approves new geographical indication for Hungary

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The European Commission has approved the application for the inclusion of “Jászsági nyári szarvasgomba” from Hungary in the Register of Protected Geographical Indications (PGI). "Jászsági nyári szarvasgomba" means the local fresh variety of underground fungus of the species white summer truffle, collected in the region of Jászság, in the north-west of the Hungarian Great Plain. Its scent is unique and pleasant. When picked, it first exhibits aromas of cooked corn or roasted and fermented malted barley, accompanied by the characteristic scent of freshly cut grass.

During the harvest period and during storage, the scent changes, but it retains the typical aroma of freshly cut grass. Its taste itself is intense. The “Jászsági nyári szarvasgomba” grow from the end of May until the end of August. The conditions in the Jászság region are particularly favorable for the establishment and multiplication of summer truffles. Some of the other names used by the population to qualify “Jászsági nyári szarvasgomba”, such as “black diamond of Jászság”, “gold of Jászság” or even “Jász trifla”, all indicate that the product is very appreciated in the region. This new name will join the 1,561 food products already registered, the list of which is available in the eAmbrosia database.

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