A Garden of Memories

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Since becoming a Nana, I’ve tried making memories with my grandbabies that are similar to my own experiences with my grandparents. Easter egg hunts are a part of that. And there’s no better place to have them than in the garden.

Making Memories With An Easter Egg Hunt In The Garden

As a child I have fond memories of Easter. Oftentimes, my grandparents would visit us from their home in Ohio. Or we’d make the drive to celebrate the holiday at their house. My grandma would wake me up early for mass and we’d return with a prized bottle of Easter water. I never fully understood its importance at the time, but I knew enough that, in my child’s mind, this holy bottled water was like a treasure in need of protecting, as it in turn protected us.

I also knew there would be other treasures waiting upon our arrival home – Easter eggs (normally filled with money)! My mom would painstakingly hide them throughout the landscape. And then my brother, sister and I would scramble around finding eggs in the garden and elsewhere, both the dyed, hard-boiled eggs (which I hated) and the colorful plastic eggs that were filled with various amounts of pocket change. And every year, it never failed, there would be at least one unclaimed egg that no one could find, and mom would forget where it was hidden. It even became a family joke. We’d also have our Easter baskets loaded with chocolate bunnies and other goodies. These were special moments that stood out and still today bring a smile to my face. So, in an effort to pass something along not only to my kids when they were little but to my grandkids as well, I have continued with the Easter egg hunt (in the garden) tradition.

Finding Eggs In The Garden

My egg hunts aren’t as grand as those I remember. I keep them simple, and thankfully, have yet to lose any eggs in the process. Easter eggs are hidden throughout the garden. All beds are fair game. You’ll find Easter eggs in containers, nestled into plant foliage, partially buried in the soil, hidden within the forks of shrub branches, sitting atop stumps, or even scattered around the lawn in plain sight (for the babies). The kids love it. Their smiles from the excitement in seeing an egg brightens the day. Sometimes along the way that excitement includes stopping everything just to smell a pretty garden flower. And, of course, there’s usually lots of picture taking too, especially on the garden bench out back.

While its significance centers around the resurrection, Easter is a time for remembrance and celebration. For kids, it’s all about Easter eggs and candy-filled baskets – hopefully while making memories with those they love. And there’s no better place than in the garden.

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