There Is Such A Thing As Too Much Rain

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My home, the Pacific Northwest, has been plagued by severe drought in many areas, so much so that we are thrilled when we get a good dousing. The down side of a downpour is that it can damage your plants. 

Rain Damage

I have had this happen in my garden on numerous occasions but luckily haven’t lost any plants. I have had to prune out damaged stems, but generally healthy plants rebound quickly. I mean plants have coexisted with the potential for heavy rain forever. 

How to Save Plant from Too Much Rain

That isn’t to say that I don’t take any steps after a heavy rain. I immediately go outside to check the damage if any. As I said, I prune out any broken or severely bent stems. I also check to make sure there isn’t any standing water. If there is I dig a channel directing the water away from the plants roots to drain. 

I also check to make sure there are no exposed roots on my plants since a torrential downpour can wash soil away from roots. If the rain was really heavy I may also fertilize, especially annuals, since the rain may have carried away vital nutrients. 

Areas of mulch I generally clear to facilitate drainage and absorption of the water and deter rot. Also I TRY not to walk in the garden as much as possible. Compacting the dirt isn’t going to help with drainage or absorption. 

Seedlings and Rain

So far, a sudden rainstorm hasn’t hit when I have tender young seedlings, That could be a disaster! Of course if I had advance warning I could cover the seedlings to protect them but the thing about a sudden rain shower is well, it’s sudden. Anyway, sudden storms here usually are accompanied by thunder which means our rescue pup needs me more than the plants. 

Even if my baby plants were decimated, I would look on the bright side. I get to go buy new plants!

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