Election 2022 live updates: Labor promises $970m for Medicare; Morrison prepares for Coalition camp…

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Anthony Albanese reveals plan to boost primary health care as Scott Morrison prepares for Sunday’s campaign launch. Follow the day’s news, live

Sticking with Zimmerman, he’s asked if Morrison isn’t a liability, would Trent have him campaign in his seat of North Sydney?

I have said I would be happy for a promise to join me. Of course, he puts his head down on a bed in my electorate every night that he is in Sydney. But my campaign has really been a grassroots campaign, and I am focused on talking to voters about what we are going to offer them in the next parliamentary term and also what I am offering them locally.

Well, I think what is more important is the performance of the government and how we keep the economy strong, how we provide the services that our communities need.

And over the last two years we have seen circumstances that no government has faced in our lifetime, and that has meant that has been crisis decision-making, so there have been decisions which have happened in those circumstances like closing our international borders, like investing the money into jobkeeper, the largest economic support program run by I think any government in the world, so that has required a very firm and strong leadership by the prime minister.

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