Seasonal Flower Arrangements And Color

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When I first began growing cut flowers in my backyard, I was quite eager to learn to grow as many different types of flowers as possible. Over time, I became more and more interested in gaining a better understanding of what types of flowers others would be interested in in vases and arrangements. Much to my surprise, I quickly learned that many people weren’t so much interested in the type of flowers offered in bouquets, but rather the color. 

Seasonal Flower Arrangements and Color

Many people associate certain times of the year with specific colors. In spring, I find that pastel toned flowers are among the most popular in arrangements. As the spring season comes to a close and warmer weather arrives, I gradually notice a shift in popularity to more vibrant and highly saturated tones. After harvesting several rows of bright yellow sunflowers, I took note of how favored the yellow flowers in my garden had become during the summer months. Soon, I began planning to grow more and more yellow flowers each season.

Favorite Yellow Summer Cut Flowers

  • SunflowersSunflowers are exceptionally common at farmers markets during the summer for good reason – the customers love them! Though a common choice among growers, the addition of many different cultivars of sunflowers to the garden offers enough diversity to make truly beautiful flower arrangements.
  • RudbeckiaSeveral varieties of rudbeckia bloom in shades of yellow from early to late summer. Rudbeckia flowers are a beautiful companion to sunflowers and a wide range of foliage in cut flower arrangements. 
  • ZinniasZinnias are among the easiest annual flowers to grow for first-time gardeners. Bright, cheerful zinnias are also one of the most productive plants in my backyard cut flower garden. Since the plants are cut and come again, growers are continuously rewarded with blooms all season long. Some of my favorite yellow varieties of zinnia are Canary, Benarys Giant Yellow, and Isabellina.
  • MarigoldsThough marigolds are most frequently known for their use as bedding plants, there are also several cultivars which make exceptionally good cut flowers. In selecting a variety for arrangements, growers should choose those which are tall. 
  • RosesYellow roses can create unforgettable beauty in summer flower arrangements. Some of my favorite yellow roses in the cutting garden are Julia Child, Michelangelo, and Moonlight Romantica. 

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