Color Me Summer

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When the summer sun’s rays are at their zenith and everything in my garden is brilliantly lit and sun kissed, I see I have a plethora of yellow and orange blooms. I’m sure this is no accident as surely when I was selecting my planting choices, no doubt during the frigid gloom and doom of winter, I was searching for the sun. 

Sun Colors

It does seem there is an unending number of choices for flowers which boast these hues. From the ubiquitous sunflower to coreopsis to yarrow, yellow features prominently in my garden. As to orange, that burning flame-colored orb in the sky is responsible for my choices of Sunblaze strawflower, the many varieties of Rudbeckia, and the Heliopsis sunburst I just planted. 

These proliferations of oranges and yellows are not the only colors that grace my garden. Perhaps it is better compared to a rainbow; another phenomena that can’t appear without the sun. 

More of the Rainbow

So it is that I have royal blue and rose Delphinium, red monardia Jacob Cline and Geum, periwinkle pincushion flower, hot pink Razzmatazz coneflower, silvery blue sea holly, dark blue Nepeta, coral Agastache, Flame Purple Phlox and so many other colors. 

But when it really comes down to it, I think the sunny hues speak to me about warm summer days; those of yellow and orange certainly but also of cherry red, delicate peach and coral, amber, salmon, gold and lemon. 

Let’s face it; all the blooming colors of summer are representative of summer. Either that or I’m hungry. I see that several of my descriptions of color are food related…

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