Wildfire burns coastal homes in Greek island Lesbos, beach resort evacuated

As more aircraft joined the firefighting effort to put out a wildfire on the Greek island Lesbos near Turkey, properties in Vatera were destroyed by the flames.

Authorities had previously ordered evacuation of Aegean Sea Resort due to the danger posed by the wildfire, which was fanned and accelerated by strong winds.

The area was covered in thick, billowing smoke. State TV ERT reported that one of the fleeing residents said her house was on fire.

Taxiarchis Verros (mayor of western Lesbos) stated that they are fighting to save houses.

Popular tourist spot is Vatera, a 8 km (five mile) long sandy beach located in the southern region of Lesbos. Six years ago, Lesbos was at forefront of Europe's refugee crisis.

One firefighter was hurt and homes were destroyed by the flames that engulfed Vatera. The flames also damaged a beach bar and burned sun umbrellas.

This year, Greece is experiencing a second consecutive summer full of wildfires.

This week, hundreds fled their homes after a wildfire erupted in mountains near Athens.

Last year's worst heatwave in Greece, saw wildfires destroy 300,000 acres (121,000 ha) of forest and bushland.

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