5 Movies That Could Be Great Musicals

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  • Lora Korpar

One of Broadway’s most tried and true musical-making methods is to adapt an already well-liked movie. And it works for a reason.

People love seeing favorites like “Mean Girls” as well as lesser-known movies like “The Band’s Visit” played out live before their eyes.

Though these movies might not already have much singing in them, I think these five would lend themselves well to Broadway musical adaptations.

1. “Stardust”

Based on the Neil Gaiman novel (then movie), this story might seem like an odd choice, but I think that it could be fantastically brought to life with the right practical stage effects.

This story centers around a fallen star and the groups of people determined to get this star – a young man named Tristan trying to get it for a horrible girl he’s in love with, witches trying to eat it to remain forever young, and princes trying to be the first one to get the star so they can become king.

But the catch is that this star is actually a girl who just wants to return to the sky.

With a big cast of crazy characters and an adventurous plot, this could be a really successful musical.

2. “Hocus Pocus”

Can’t you already see the epic three-part harmonies the Broadway Sanderson Sisters could make?

This story might seem Halloween-specific, but I think people would enjoy seeing this story of three witches accidentally resurrected and wreaking havoc upon modern-day Salem any time of the year.

There’s so much potential for kooky magic scenes and some epic Sanderson Sister moments.

3. “Forrest Gump”

Many movies similar to “Forrest Gump,” such as “Big Fish,” have been made into musicals and I think it’s finally Forrest’s turn to shine on a stage.

With the right music, this musical can really tap into people’s nostalgia and leave them with the same whimsical, hopeful feeling that many people feel after watching the movie.

4. “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”

Though this coming-of-age movie is much darker than previous picks, centering on themes like loneliness, trauma, and mental health, I think this story could stand among shows like “Dear Evan Hansen” and “Next to Normal” as an emotional and thought-provoking musical.

There’s a reason young people love this movie and the book it’s based on. It’s relatable, emotional, and doesn’t shy away from deep topics. And I think if you throw in some songs to match the mood the story creates, people would love a musical adaptation of this story too.

5. “The Princess Diaries”

This adorable, feel-good movie from the early 2000s could potentially get a whole new life through a musical adaptation.

A story of a nerdy high school girl finding out she’s a princess and next in line to the throne of a far-off kingdom is the perfect kind to add music to. There are some scenes (like Mia learning manners or getting a makeover) that you can almost already see as musical numbers.

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