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Broadway theatres to stay closed until January 2021; Iran reports record daily deaths

Uzbekistan has imposed an overnight curfew in some parts of the country, including the capital Tashkent, as it seeks to curb a fresh rise in Covid-19 infections following the gradual lifting of a two-month lockdown.

The central Asian nation had been cautiously lifting a nationwide lockdown that had been in place in April and May, Reuters reports. However, after a decline in Covid-19 cases between mid-April and mid-May, it has once again seen a steady rise.

A coordinated response to the Covid-19 crisis in the Americas, India and Africa must be led by countries that have suppressed it, writes Adam Tooze, urging us to stay focused on the big picture of a pandemic that is very far from over.

The question is do we have the political imagination, the sympathy and the grit necessary to grasp this crisis at the world level? Can public opinion and decision-makers in Europe and Asia, where the disease has been more or less effectively suppressed, be rallied to support an adequate global response to the crisis in the rest of the world?

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