Saturday Matinee: Monza Historic 2019

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There really has not been much for spectator events, bringing to life the history of the car culture, in 2020. So many of us, prisoners in our homes, need to look back at a world that was far more normal. You’re welcome, it depressed me too. But hey, this video from Monza last year is pretty awesome.

Knowing Road America’s International Challenge happened last weekend and watching this collage of video footage from last year’s Monza Historic gives me hope that it will all come back to us. As of now, this event, scheduled for September is still a go!

Sit back and enjoy. There are some of Europes most amazing curated racing cars on one of the most legendary circuits in history.

Someday I hope to walk along the long-closed Monza banking and ponder the wonders of an era of motorsport we only read about in books now. A bucket list item for sure.

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