Mariners Place Brandon Brennan On 45-Day Injured List

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The Mariners announced yesterday they have placed reliever Brandon Brennan on the 45-day injured list with a left oblique strain. The right-hander got into one game before the injury.

Brennan stuck with Seattle as a Rule V pick out of the Rockies organization last season. While he only managed a 4.56 ERA in 47.1 innings as a rookie, he also showed some intriguing swing-and-miss stuff. Brennan’s 15.1% swinging strike rate dwarfed the 11.1% league average and had positioned him as a likely key piece in a shaky Seattle bullpen.

Instead, he’ll be out for an extended period of time. The Mariners didn’t immediately make a 40-man roster addition, suggesting they simply had no expectation Brennan would be in position to return anytime soon.

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