36 New Skills You Can Learn on LinkedIn Learning This Week

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Each week presents an opportunity to learn new skills to help us navigate this unique moment in our lives and careers.

At LinkedIn Learning, we want to provide the online learning courses you need to learn those skills. Each week, we add to our 16,000+ course library. This past week we added 36 courses. What can you expect from the new additions? 

Whether you’re adapting to the new world of work or investing in everyday success, we’ve got you covered on those topics and more. Check out one of the 36 new courses this week.

The new courses now available on LinkedIn Learning are:

Business Software and Tools

Everyday Success

Leadership and Management


Project Management


Animation and Illustration

Graphic Design

Motion Graphics and VFX


Product Design and Manufacturing


Cloud Development

Cloud Infrastructure

Data Science

Programming Languages


Software Methodologies

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