GANA's Nayib Bukele favored to win Salvadoran presidential election

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Si las elecciones fueran el próximo domingo, ¿por cuál partido o coalición votaría usted? En perspectiva #encuestaUCA
— UCA El Salvador (@UCA_ES) December 13, 2018

Less than two months before El Salvador's February presidential elections, GANA's Nayib Bukele remains the favorite. While Bukele holds what appears to be a commanding lead, he still needs to surpass 50 percent to avoid a runoff. Given what happened between the first and second rounds in 2014, I imagine Bukele will really want to wrap things up in February.

It's unclear what institutional support a president Bukele will have and, in some ways, his popular support looks soft as well. Of those who intend to vote GANA, 54 percent answered that Bukele had their vote simply to give someone else a chance / for a change. Salvadorans don't have a great deal of faith in any candidate to solve the problems of the day.
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