New online Indonesia visa for travellers from travel corridor nations

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Indonesian visas will soon be available online. The government of Indonesia is launching a new eVisa system to make the application process simpler, safer, and more efficient.


Travellers from a select number of countries will be able to apply for an Indonesia eVisa, as reported from October 15th 2020, it is expected that the online visa will be made available to citizens of more countries next year, as reported on


The launch of the Indonesia eVisa is timely, applying online is the safest way to obtain an Indonesia visa during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as face-to-face contact can be avoided. This will be very important in the coming weeks and months as some foreign travel to the southeast Asian nation resumes.


Travel corridor / reciprocal green lane arrangements have now been created to allow for essential trips to Indonesia. To enter the country, eligible foreigners must apply for a visa exclusively using the online system.


When it is launched, the Indonesia eVisa will initially be limited to travellers from countries that have established a travel corridor agreement with Indonesia. Currently, China, the United Arab Emirates, and South Korea have reached such an agreement with the Indonesian government, with Singapore likely to join the list shortly.


Business travellers, skilled workers, investors, and civil servants who meet all the Indonesia eVisa requirements can apply for the permit for essential trips.


To obtain the Indonesia eVisa, eligible travellers are required to submit an online application form. Passport information and a few personal details are needed to successfully complete the request. Supporting documents can simply be uploaded digitally, with no need to present paperwork in person at an embassy or visa application centre. Applicants pay the visa fees securely online using a credit or debit card. The entire process can be completed from home and all notification and correspondence will be sent to the applicant by email. In addition, once approved the visa is sent directly to the applicant by email.


Tourists are not currently able to travel to Indonesia as the government attempts to strike a balance between economic recovery and public health and safety. Once general international travel does return, tourists will likely be able to take advantage of the new online visa application system.


Foreigners familiar with similar online visa systems such as those already in place in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, will be aware of the benefits. Not only is the eVisa application quick to complete, but processing times are also faster than traditional visa applications.


Tourists looking forward to a post-Covid getaway will be pleased to hear about the eVisa for Bali, as Indonesia’s most visited island the online system will benefit millions of foreign visitors. Holidaymakers will also be able to apply electronically once the system is extended to travellers visiting the country for leisure and not just on business.


More details about the new Indonesia eVisa are expected in the coming days and weeks including the full list of eligible countries and processing fee. Anyone hoping to go to Indonesia in the near future should check their eligibility and all the latest updates and information provided by the Indonesian government before making travel arrangements.






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