Biden and Obama to campaign in battleground state Michigan as election day nears – live

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Donald Trump is at a campaign rally, his second of the day, in Phoenix. Amid his usual campaign ramblings, he is going after Miles Taylor, saying that the former DHS chief of staff is a “sleaze-bag” who should be prosecuted.

NEW:@realdonaldtrump just now on #MilesTaylor at AZ rally :" Anonymous was a nobody, a disgruntled employee who was quickly
removed from his job a long time ago for they tell me incompetence," he says." This guy, in my opinion, he should be prosecuted. He should be prosecuted."

Trump calls Miles Taylor a “low level...sleaze-bag” and blasts NYT and CNN for working with him.

“The whole thing was just one more hoax from the Washington swamp,” he said. “In my opinion, this guy, he should be prosecuted.”

Another “life-long Republican” for Joe Biden ad from Republican Voters Against Trump, this time from the former “lead staffer for Hispanic engagement” for the president’s 2016 campaign.

“I thought that the Trump campaign posed a unique opportunity to help the American people… but what I came to realize was that the campaign was a vile, self-serving branding exercising for one man and his family,” said Jessica Denson, a former campaign staffer.

NEW AD: Trump Campaign Leader for Biden@JessicaDenson07 was Trump's 2016 Lead Staffer for Hispanic engagement – now she's speaking out against him.

"The campaign was a vile, self-serving branding exercise for one man and his family."

Airing digitally in swing states.

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