'We are not fighting against a religion, we are fighting against violent extremists' Seehofer

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Following recent terrorist attacks in Nice and Vienna, EU home affairs ministers agreed to further strengthen their joint efforts to fight terrorism.

The latest statement builds on measures taken since the Bataclan attack in Paris, on this day five years ago. Horst Seehofer, German Federal Minister of the Interior said: “When Europe works together to fight terrorism and extremism, then Europe is a superpower. When it comes to the long-term and uncompromising fight against terrorism and extremism, Europe stands shoulder to shoulder.”

The primary responsibility in the fight against terrorism lies with the member states. Nevertheless, the EU can play a supportive role in helping to respond to the cross-border nature of the threat.

So far the EU has introduced extensive measures on terrorism, ranging from improving firearms controls, criminalising terrorist offences and strengthening border controls, to improving information exchange, tackling online radicalisation and strengthening cooperation with third countries.

In the statement the EU calls for a comprehensive response that, “ will safeguard our pluralist societies and continue with firm resolve to combat all forms of violence which target people on the basis of their actual or supposed ethnic origin, or their religious belief or on the basis of other types of prejudice.”

On 9 December the European Commission will present an anti-terrorism package.

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