Podcast #209 – Interview with “Here To Make Friends” Hosts Emmy Gray & Clair…

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Talking with two names synonymous with the Bachelor franchise today for podcast #209 and that’s “Here to Make Friends” podcast hosts, Emma Gray and Claire Fallon. Only Emma has been on in the past, so it was great to finally have them both on. We definitely touch on a couple sensitive topics within the franchise. Emma and Claire, who also work for the Huffington Post, talk about how they choose to cover certain stories when it comes to this franchise. Always good to hear from journalists about how they decide, and what information they need, to determine how they will cover a story. We’re going through one right now in the franchise which we talk about towards the end. A very interesting conversation that I know you’ll enjoy. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview, please include Emma and Claire’s Twitter handles (@emmaladyrose & @ClaireEFallon) in your replies. It was great having them on this week and they will definitely be on again in … Continue reading →

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