Coronation Street 60th to see THIS sickening Carla Connor secret revealed?

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Coronation Street secrets don't stay hidden for long...

Coronation Street celebrates its 60th anniversary next month, and with the anniversary will come some huge storylines to mark the occasion.

As well as Ray Crosby’s shocking plans to bulldoze the cobbles coming to a head, there is another storyline that is bound to cause colossal drama.

Carla and Adam Coronation Street

Carla and Adam’s secret night together will take centre stage in Coronation Street’s 60th anniversary episodes (Picture: ITV)

The sickening revelation that Carla (Alison King) cheated on Peter (Chris Gascoyne) with his nephew, Adam, is on the cards, set to cause havoc for everyone involved when the truth is revealed.

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Forbidden passion 

This week scenes saw Carla and Adam both united in their heartbreak, leading to a late-night rendezvous at a hotel.

While Adam was upset by Sarah’s rejection, Carla had been left hurt by some harsh words from Peter.

Carla and Adam Coronation Street

Adam and Carla are desperate to keep their secret hidden (Picture: ITV)

After being assaulted while his taxi was stolen, Peter had drunk some whisky from a passer by’s hip flak, causing him to fall off the wagon and lash out at those he loves.

As soon as their night of passion was over, Adam and Carla realised the monumental mistake they had made and agreed to keep it between them.

However, when the hotel called Carla’s phone and Peter answered, he was sickened to hear that the man Carla had been with at the hotel had left his wallet behind.

Carla and Adam Coronation Street

The guilt over what happened with Adam is set to plague Carla in the coming weeks (Picture: ITV)

Peter was devastated to learn Carla had been unfaithful, but the pair eventually agreed to move on, and Peter has remained in the dark about who Carla cheated with.

The truth will be revealed 

However, that is all set to change in the coming weeks, with Peter consumed by trying to find out the identity of Carla’s mystery man, having no idea it is his own nephew.

A source has told “The anniversary episodes will see a number of massive storylines culminate and Carla and Adam’s secret will be at the heart of the drama for the Barlow clan.

Peter Coronation Street

How will Peter take the news that Carla’s mystery man is his own nephew? (Picture: ITV)

“Secrets like this are a ticking time bomb and when they explode, they can destroy relationships and families, perhaps even beyond repair.

“Will Carla and Adam conceal what has happened, or is Peter in for a very cold winter as his world falls apart once more?”

Coronation Street airs on Mondays and Wednesdays 7.30pm and 8.30pm with an hour long episode at 7.30 on Fridays on ITV-  see our TV Guide for full listings.

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