Huawei presses ahead with new network equipment factory in France

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Huawei’s new factory in Brumath near Strasbourg, France, will create 300 direct jobs in the short term, with 500 more to follow in the longer run. The Brumath Business Parc was chosen thanks to its outstanding infrastructure, situation and location at the heart of Europe.

The factory, which was announced in late 2019, will focus on mobile technology. It will reach an output value of €1 billion per year, with production aimed at the company’s European customers.

This latest addition to Huawei’s European R&D facilities will further strengthen innovation capabilities in Europe. Huawei currently runs 23 R&D sites in 12 European countries and collaborates with over 150 universities and research institutes.

“We are proud to host this new project which illustrates the attractiveness of our territory and will further strengthen our industrial and technological ecosystem,” said Claude Sturni, President of the Community of the Conurbation of Haguenau.

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