Which Broadway Leading Lady Are You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

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1.      Aries – Reno Sweeney in Anything Goes

Any person who would perform a six-minute-long, elaborate musical number about how “anything goes” in a jumpsuit has major Aries energy…though I may be biased, since this is, admittedly, my sign.

2.      Taurus – Effie White in Dreamgirls

 “And I Am Telling You” gives off super Taurus vibes, as it highlights Effie’s unyielding loyalty, determination, and passion. She is strong-willed, stubborn, and dedicated – Taurus energy all the way.

3.      Gemini – Ti Moune in Once On This Island

Ti Moune is incredibly curious, playful, energetic, and excited to experience the world. At times, she can be impatient, but that’s just because she’s ready for adventure! “Waiting for Life to Begin” might as well be a Gemini anthem.

4.      Cancer – Jenna in Waitress

Jenna’s warm, gentle vibes give off a plethora of Cancer energy. Her passion for baking? Her fierce love and connection to her mom? Her role in the friend group as the mediator? She is a crab 100%.

5.      Leo – Roxie Hart in Chicago

Roxie Hart wants to see her name in lights – she’s got a lion’s roar if I’ve ever witnessed one. Honestly…this one just speaks for itself.

6.      Virgo --- Joanne Jefferson in Rent

Okay, Joanne is not necessarily a leading lady since Rent has an ensemble cast. But she is just such a Virgo. She is smart as heck, analytical, hardworking, and practical. At the same time, she’s loyal, kind, and protective of her closest friends.

7.      Libra – Aida in Aida

Aida is dedicated to social justice and the welfare of her people. At the same time, she is in love with love, and she struggles between her head and her heart. She is a Libra through and through.

8.      Scorpio – Desiree Armfeldt in A Little Night Music

Desiree’s intensity, passion, determination, and banter encompass the best of Scorpio. She has trouble sometimes being honest about her emotions and breaking her closed-off exterior, but once she does, she has such heart.

9.      Sagittarius – Angelica Schuyler in Hamilton

Angelica has a vibrant sense of humor, and she is a gifted conversationalist. Her fiery personality, intellect, and wit are sure signs of a Sagittarius.

10.  Capricorn – Dolly Levi in Hello Dolly!

Dolly’s tough exterior would have you believe that she has it all together. Her motivations are often externally fueled by money or her career, but deep down, family and friends are really her focus, and her kindness is grounded and whole. She’s definitely a Cap.

11.  Aquarius – Fanny Brice in Funny Girl

Fanny is the oddball – she doesn’t quite fit in, and that’s because her idea of what it means to be a “star” is new, innovative, and unique. But that is what makes her so brilliant and brings her into the spotlight. She is a textbook Aquarius.

12.  Pisces – Dorothy in The Wiz

Dorothy is a dreamer. Her journey to self-discovery is led by her connection to the people in her life and her intuition. She asks us to “look inside our hearts to find a world of love.” That’s a Pisces if I’ve ever seen one.

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