A Cat Interrupting 'Hamilton' Actor's Audition is the Best Thing You'll See Today

edited January 8 in Theatre Concerts

For many actors, especially during COVID-10 shutdowns, the process and art of self-taping an audition has become a necessity. It’s much easier said than done and one actor posted online adorable proof of that.

Actor Wesley Ryann, who most recently appeared in the “Angelica” tour of Hamilton, posted to his TikTok his attempts to self-tape his audition only to be interrupted by his pet cat, Odie. Odie can barely allow Welsey to get through his slate. As the owner of two dogs, I completely understand what Mr. Ryann is going through.

Check out the video below, it’s adorable.

doomscrolling break:

this person trying to do an audition tape while their cat just wants attention pic.twitter.com/SC282aotCk

— will parry, bearer of the knife (@faayza) January 7, 2021

The video has already been viewed over 600k times on Twitter and shared by folks such as actor Bradley Whitford who stated “Hire this man”.

Given everything that’s unfolded over the past week, watching this is a good way to end it.

You can follow Wesley and Odie on Twitter @wesleyryann.

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