“Reader Emails,” Ratings, & Condoms

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Good times on this week’s podcast as I have on a first time guest, Ali Barthwell from Vulture.com. If you haven’t read her “Bachelor” recaps on Vulture, they are a must read. I only started reading them last season, and I figured it was about time to bring her on. You’ll hear her on the podcast tomorrow as we talk about her career, how she got started, what made her write about this show, how she feels about the lack of diversity, her thoughts on Matt after two episodes, and much more. I think you’ll enjoy this one since Ali has such a unique perspective on the show and this season in particular and has some really well thought out opinions on it. Have others had her on podcasts before? Maybe they have, but if not, I can guarantee you after this week, more will want to speak to her. She knows her shit when it comes to this franchise. I’m excited for you all to hear her apperance tomorrow. You’ll want to hear her … Continue reading →

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